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Power to empower. Radiant is dedicated to making nuclear power portable and initiating a cost revolution. This can open new markets, drive demand, and create an impetus for regulatory change. We envision a future where highly available, clean energy is available without heavy infrastructure, cost, or major local impact. This new wave will also enable the deployment of smart-grid technologies, protecting our infrastructure from the vulnerabilities of today.

Designs Made to be Built

Manufacturability First. Our approach is to explore designs that are easy and inexpensive to manufacture, inspect, and operate. Using this as a foundation is the key to reducing initial startup costs. By shrinking the field of options and exploring designs that don’t require new research, we greatly accelerate development.

Advanced Microreactors

Go big by going small. We’re interested in fundamentally new ways of thinking about regulatory licensing processes for FOAK and NOAK designs, including autonomous controls enabled by modern accident tolerant fuels and standards tuned for microreactors.

Lessons Learned and Shared

On the Shoulders of Giants. Radiant’s team is composed of nuclear and aerospace engineers with experience working in and successfully executing cutting edge projects that have come to market with industry-leading schedules and budgets matching the products created. Using this diverse experience in the nuclear development space is a unique advantage that will enable a focus on new tools that were previously untapped.

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Trefoil Torus Knot Logo of Radiant Industries