Radiant and Amsted Graphite Materials sign Memorandum of Understanding to Secure Critical Supplies for Advanced U.S. Nuclear Energy

Image of Kaleidos microreactor at the Idaho National Lab DOME facility.

The MOU signifies a strategic collaboration between two industry leaders committed to advancing clean energy technology within the United States.

El Segundo, California — Radiant Industries, Incorporated, and Amsted Graphite Materials LLC have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fortifying the domestic supply chain for nuclear-grade graphite. The MOU, effective as of May 21, 2024, signifies a strategic collaboration between two industry leaders committed to advancing clean energy technology within the United States.

As part of the increased collaboration between the two companies, Radiant has placed a significant purchase order with Amsted Graphite Materials for its PCEA™ nuclear-grade graphite to support Radiant’s development of their Kaleidos microreactor, set to be the world's first portable, zero-emissions power source serving remote locations.

Radiant has been selected as one of three advanced nuclear energy developers to receive funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for developing and testing microreactor designs in the Demonstration of Microreactor Experiments (DOME) test bed at Idaho National Laboratory. Radiant’s Kaleidos microreactor will utilize a graphite core and meltdown-proof TRISO fuel with a targeted power output of 1 MW for three years. Following successful testing that is scheduled to begin in 2026, Radiant targets commercial production units in 2028.

The success of Radiant’s Kaleidos Demonstration Project, along with the viability of subsequent commercial projects, will depend in critical part on supply certainty and affordability of nuclear-grade, medium and fine grain graphite required for application in a nuclear environment.

“We are thrilled to formalize this strategic relationship with Amsted Graphite Materials,” said Tori Shivanandan, Chief Operating Officer of Radiant. “By joining forces to secure a reliable supply of critical graphite materials, we are investing in the success of our Kaleidos Demonstration Project and laying a solid foundation for the future of clean energy in the United States.”

A global leader in graphite material science with over 100 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry, Amsted Graphite Materials stands as the largest U.S.-owned synthetic graphite producer. The company is part of the Chicago-based diversified manufacturing conglomerate Amsted Industries, which provides the stability and resources necessary to continually invest in research and development of graphite materials.

The MOU underscores the mutual commitment of Radiant and Amsted Graphite Materials to reduce reliance on foreign sources of nuclear-grade graphite, enhance U.S. advanced manufacturing capabilities and bolster the security of U.S. nuclear energy supply chains. Key objectives outlined in the MOU include collaborative efforts in policy advocacy at federal, state and local levels, strategic discussions with third parties, exploration of public-private partnerships with the U.S. government, and participation in testing and R&D programs with universities and government laboratories.

“Our collaboration with Radiant is a significant step toward strengthening America's nuclear energy infrastructure,” said Gavin Noel, Vice President and General Manager of Amsted Graphite Materials. “As the United States moves toward a cleaner, more resilient energy future, our partnership underscores the essential role of graphite in ensuring the security and sustainability of innovative technologies.”

About Radiant Industries Radiant is a clean energy startup building a nuclear microreactor. A climate-friendly alternative to diesel generators, Radiant's Kaleidos 1MW microreactor will be the world's first portable, zero-emissions power source that works anywhere. The company plans to test its development reactor by 2026, and if successful, it will be the first new commercial reactor design to achieve a fueled test in over 50 years. Radiant's microreactor can bring power to remote parts of the world and provide backup power for life-saving applications in hospitals or disaster-relief scenarios.

About Amsted Graphite Materials Amsted Graphite Materials is part of the Amsted Industries family of companies, a diversified group of market-leading, global manufacturers serving the automotive, rail, commercial vehicle, and construction markets that combine leading-edge manufacturing processes with a history of continuous innovation. Amsted Graphite Materials’ West Virginia facility supplies customers in over 35 countries with a wide portfolio of extruded, molded, isomolded, powder and particulate carbon and graphite materials.

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