Radiant Industries Partners with Centrus Energy to Secure Commercial HALEU Supply for Kaleidos Portable Microreactor

Radiant and Centrus enter partnership.

Radiant is excited to partner with Centrus Energy, an important step in developing a domestic supply of High-Assay, Low-Enriched Uranium.

El Segundo, Ca. – Radiant Industries, Inc, announced a partnership today with Centrus Energy to establish the domestic supply chain for the High-Assay, Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU) needed for the broad commercial deployment of Radiant’s Kaleidos microreactor. HALEU is an advanced nuclear fuel with a higher energy density than existing nuclear fuels and additional advantages for powering a new generation of advanced reactors designed to be compact and transportable like Kaleidos.

Uranium Enrichment Levels

“Our team at Radiant is thrilled to partner with Centrus, moving one step closer to securing an enriched fuel source for our Kaleidos reactor and meeting our planned schedule to demonstrate in 2026,” says Doug Bernauer, co-founder and CEO of Radiant. “Centrus not only has a long history of expertise in both enrichment and the uranium supply chain, but they also share Radiant’s vision for a future. One that reinvigorates the domestic HALEU supply and scales up production to fuel American innovation.”

Designed with a helium primary loop coolant instead of water, the Kaleidos microreactor is a safe, efficient, and climate-friendly alternative to diesel generators that will bring clean energy to remote and key locations around the globe. Kaleidos will provide a megawatt of carbon-free electricity from a HALEU fuel core designed to 5 years without refueling. Radiant plans to test a demonstration reactor within four years at Idaho National Laboratory’s Demonstration and Operation of Microreactor Experiments facility with support from the National Reactor Innovation Center. This will be a critical milestone in delivering the nuclear power people want worldwide.

“Centrus is strongly committed to pioneering production of HALEU to support Radiant and other innovative reactor developers as they work to meet the world’s growing need for carbon-free energy,” said Daniel B. Poneman, President and CEO of Centrus. “Radiant’s unique microreactor design holds tremendous potential as a replacement for expensive and carbon-intensive diesel generators, and we look forward to fueling these reactors in the near future.”

Centrus is currently building a demonstration scale HALEU enrichment facility in Ohio that will begin first-of-its-kind HALEU production for the Department of Energy by the end of 2023. Expanding to commercial-scale HALEU production will require substantial public and private investment as well as commercial support and offtake commitments from Radiant and other advanced reactor developers. Under its agreement with Radiant, Centrus is working to identify a path to provide a future supply of High-Assay, Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU) to Radiant for as many as 20 Kaleidos microreactors.

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